Monday, February 3, 2014

Angry Birds Birthday Party

Beckett was able to celebrate his birthday a little early, while we were in Portland.  He wanted an Angry Birthday party.
 We had the party at the Play Boutique in Lake Oswego and they did an awesome job. 
 At the start of the party, the kids got to play.
 Piercey Pie
 Our sweet friends, The Olson Fam, even made it up to Portland for the party.  This made Beckett's day!
 Little Nolan
 Miss Annabelle
 After playing the kids got a snack.
 The Birthday Boy
 Then they sang Happy Birthday to Beckett. 
 Make a Wish
 Then all the kids got to decorate their own cupcake. 
 Putting the finishing touches on
 The kids enjoying the cupcakes. 
 We sent home all the kids with personalized Angry Bird cups, with Angry Bird goodies inside.
 What a fun time!
 Afterwards we went back to Nana's house and opened presents. 
Beckett was super excited to get college fund money.  
 And the toys were pretty special too.

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